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GSK980TDa matching with AP01(445mm×345mm×182mm)




420mm×260mm aluminum alloy operator panel

  • Standard accessories

Switch power: GSK-PB2(assembled at the back of CNC)

Connector assembly: CNC interfaces are connected by one set of plug( DB9 female×2, DB15 male×3, DB25 female×2, DB25 male×2)

Note: Corresponding plugs along with cables are supplied when they along with other components including drive unit are delivered.


Accessory cables: 12m 10-core shield cable( X, Y, Z axis, input interface XS40/XS41, output interface XS39/XS42);

                 9m 8-core shield cable (spindle encoder, input interface XS40/XS41, output interface XS39/XS42);

                 3m 4-core shield cable (converter interface);

 Note: The above-mentioned cables as wires(not be welded) are supplied. Signal cables with welded plugs are supplied when a whole set of drive unit and the tool post controller are delivered. The requirements for cable length and welding should be remarked in the order list.

Technical documents: GSK980TDa Turning Machine CNC System User Manual(without PLC User Manual)

  •  Optional accessories

Communication cable A: serial communication cable 5m×1 between PC and CNC(for end user and machine tool manufacturer)

Communication cable B: serial communication cable 5m×1 between CNC and CNC (for machine tool manufacturer used for installing and debugging the system)

Communication disc: communication software TDComm installation disc ×1

Ladder programming software: GSKCC installation disc ×1

 MPG: Dongxin RE45T1S05B1(option: AP01) or Changchun LGF-001-100(option: AP02);

Additional panel:AP01(aluminum alloy 420×71㎜) can be assembled under of GSK980TD operator panel;

AP02(aluminum alloy 100×260㎜)can be assembled at the side of GSK980TD operator panel;

Emergent stop button: LAY3-02ZS/1( it has been installed when GSK980TDa-B is delivered);

No self-locking button: KH-516-B11(green or red);

Self-locking button: KH-516-B21(green or red);

I/O transfer terminal block:MCT03

Note: one set of I/O transfer cable (with 26-core shield cable, DB25 male/female socket) when MCT03 is matched

  • Order

Remarks in the order:
Product type(GSK980TDa, GSK980TDa-B), quantity
Type and number of assembly (drive unit, isolated transformer)
Length and connection of accessory cable
Name, type, quantity, installation & connection requirements of optional accessories

Whether PLC program(ladder) is provided with special requirements.

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