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Control axes

  • Maximum axes: five axes (including C axis)
  • Maximum l inkage axes: three axes
  • Number of PLC control axes: five axes
  • Number of GSKLink axes: two axes

Feeding axis function

  • Minimum command unit: 0.001mm or 0.0001mm is selected.
  • Position command range: 99999999 minimum command unit
  • Rapid traverse unit: When the command unit is 0.001mm, the maximum speed is 60m/min; When the precision is 0.0001mm, the maximum speed is 24m/min.
  • Rapid override: Total four levels: F0, 25%, 50% and 100%, real-time adjusting
  • Feeding override: Total 16 levels: 0~150%, real-time adjusting
  • Interpolation mode: linear, arc, spiral and polar coordinate interpolation and rigid tapping

Thread function

  • Common thread (fol lowing the spindle)/rigid thread
  • Single-headed/multiple thread of straight, taper and terminal surface in metric system/inch
  • system, equal and variable pitch thread
  • Thread retraction length, angle and speed characteristics can be set
  • Thread pitch: 0.01mm~500mm or 0.01inch~9.99inch

Acceleration and deceleration function

  • Cutting feeding: Linear type or index type is selectable.
  • Rapid traverse: Linear type
  • Thread cutting: Linear type or index type is selectable.
  • The starting speed, finishing speed and time of acceleration and deceleration are set by the parameter.

Spindle function

  • Analog voltage 0V~10V output in two channels, spindle encoder feedback in two channels and two-spindle control
  • Spindle speed: It is set by S code or PLC signal, the speed range is 0rpm~20,000rpm
  • Spindle override: Total 8 levels: 50%~120%, real-time adjusting
  • Spindle constant surface speed control 
  • Rigid tapping

Tool function

  • Tool length compensation
  • Tool wearing compensation
  • Tool nose radius compensation (C type)
  • Tool life management
  • Methods of setting tools: Tool-setting in fixed position, trial cutting tool-setting, return to reference point for setting tool
  • Tool offset mode: Rewriting coordinate mode, tool traverse mode

Precision compensation

  • Backlash compensation
  • Pitch error compensation in memory type

PLC function

  • 13 types of basic commands, 30 types of function commands
  • PLC ladder diagram edit on-l ine, real-time monitor 
  • PLC program in two levels, maximum 5,000 steps, the refresh cycle of the 1st level program: 8ms.
  • Support PLC warning and PLC alarm
  • Support many PLC programs (maximum 16), the current running PLC program can be selected by parameter

I/O unit

  • Basic I/O: Input in 40 points/output in 32 points 
  • Operational panel I/O: input in 96 points/output in 96 points
  • I/O extension: Use GSKLink for extension, the maximum is to extend two I/O ports, each input in 16 points/output in 8 points.

Man-machine interface

  • Display in Chinese and Engl ish, etc.
  • Display in two-dimensional tool path and stereogram
  • Servo state monitor
  • Servo parameter configuration on-l ine
  • Real-time clock
  • Help on-l ine

Operation management

  • Operation mode: Auto, manual, edit, MDI, DNC, MPG and reference point return
  • Operation authority of multiple levels management
  • Alarm record
  • Time turn off

Editing program

  • Program memory capacity: 25M, 10,000 programs (including subprograms, macro programs)
  • Editing function: Edit in ful l screen, support the background edit of part program
  • Editing function: Program/block/character research, rewriting, deleting, block copy/block deleting
  • Program format: ISO codes, it supports the commands without space and hybrid programming of relative coordinate and absolute coordinate.
  • Macro command: Support macro command programming in sentence type
  • Calling program: Support the macro program cal l ing with parameter and subprogram nesting of 12 layers
  • Grammar check: Check grammar after editing the programs. 

Communication function

  • RS232: Transmit the fi les of part program and parameter, etc, DNC processing, support PLC program and software serial port upgrade.
  • USB: Fi le operation, directly process fi les and support PLC programs in flash disk and software flash disk upgrade. 
  • LAN: Remote monitor, internet DNC processing, file transmission, support PLC program and remote software upgrade.

Safety function

  • Emergency stop
  • Hardware travel l imit
  • Travel limit in many memory types
  • Data restoring and recovering

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