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Communication Software PLC And Ladder Diagram Editing Software 

The  communication  software GSKComm  and PLC  ladder  diagram  editing  software GSKLadder  of GSK988T  all  are  run  in WIN98/2000/XP.  The  user  can  edit  part  program  on  PC,  and  upload  and download  the  files  of  part  program,  parameter,  tool  compensation  and  thread  compensation,  etc between PC and CNC, and DNC real-time processing. The machine manufacturer can edit the ladder diagram on GSKLadder of PC, and upload and download PLC program between PC and CNC. 

Remote Monitor Software: GSKMonitor

GSKMonitor runs under WIN98/2000/XP, and remote helps and monitors GSK988T through LAN interface.

Servo State Diagnosis And Monitor

Through GSKLink, GSK988T real izes diagnosis and monitor of servo state (command position, feeding position, motor speed and motor current, etc).

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