GSK980TDa Turning CNC System




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  • Controlled axes(X, Y, Z), link axes (X, Z), 0.001mm interpolation precision and max. rapid traverse speed 30,000 mm/min, linear/arc interpolation

  • Least command increment 0.001, electronic ratio (1~32767)/(1~32767)

  • Pitch error compensation, backlash compensation, tool length compensation, tool wear compensation and tool nose radius compensation

  • Embedded PLC, ladder edit in the PC to be downloaded to CNC

  • S, exponential acceleration/deceleration control to meet high speed and high precision machining

  • Tapping to machine metric/inch single/multiple straight, taper thread, end face thread, variable pitch thread, high speed thread run out with set retraction distance, angle and speed

  • Metric/inch programming, automatic chamfering, tool life management

  • Statement macro command programming, macro program call with parameters

  • Chinese and English display window selected by the parameter

  • Large memory capacity( 6144KB,384 part programs) with full screen edit

  • Clock, date, time power-on hold

  • Convenient management with multilevel operation password

  • Bidirectional communication between CNC and PC, CNC and CNC; upgrading communication CNC software and PLC programs

  •  Installation dimension, electric interface, commands are compatible to GSK980TD

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