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  1. Five  feeding  axes  (including  C  axis),  any  three  axes  linkage,  two  analog  spindles,  support combined processing of turning and milling.                        
  2. Command unit: 1μm or 0.1μm is selected, maximum speed is 60m/min; when it is 0.1μm, and the maximum speed is 24m/min.                               
  3. Adapted with servo unit of GSKLink, and it can real ize servo parameter reading and writing and servo unit real-time monitor.                                 
  4. Through serial bus, it can extend I/O unit and GSKLink axis.                 
  5. Bui lt-in many PLC programs, PLC  ladder diagram  is edited on-l ine,  real-time monitor.    
  6. Background edit part program .                              
  7. Equipped with internet interface, support remote monitor and fi le transmission .       
  8. With USB  interface,  it  supports  fi le  operation,  system  configuration  and  software  upgrade  in flash disk.                                         
  9. 8.4″true color LCD, it support two-dimensional traverse path, display in stereogram  . 

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